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Structure is a Tampa based boutique Interior Design Studio offering services in Residential and Commercial Interior Design. From consulting to full-service design, small scale renovation to large scale construction, we have solutions for any design dilemma.

Structure is an arrangement and organization of interrelated elements in a system. Elements refer to furnishings, fixtures, art and accessories. System refers to your interior space. 


Our approach is straightforward and well-being focused. We meet with our clients in their environment to gain an accurate comprehension of how they live or work and what they appreciate. We talk about all the details from where they prefer to have their morning coffee, preferences and flow of traffic, to how often they entertain to evaluate their requirements in the space.

We discuss design elements, and then present a design agreement tailored to the client’s individual needs. Before the project begins, we collect a design fee based on hourly time.

Every client is unique: some require comprehensive, all-inclusive design services, while others just need assistance choosing paint colors. Regardless, we are delighted to be of service.

Team Members

Rodney Nieves

Principal Designer

Creative Director and Founder of Structure

Rodney brings over a decade of experience working in an array of residential and commercial projects. He approaches his interior design work with the conviction that it is his role to repurpose and transform each space, utilizing strong design concepts and innovative thinking to create unique designs.
His knack for connecting deeply and accurately with clients’ visions has earned him a successful interior design career, including five top designer awards in his previous work experience.
Rodney is a graduate of Florida State University and certified in Interior Design through the New York Institute of Art and Design. He is a member of the Interior Design Society (IDA), the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), and the Designer Society of America (DSA). 
Rodney’s passion for Interior Design started at a young age. His father was a skilled carpenter and drafter designing and building custom cabinetry for yacht interiors. He grew up assisting his father with many different aspects of design. As a child, Rodney had an incredible ability to draw and paint which offered him a creative outlet in the Boys and Girls Club where as a member of the Art Club, his works won him several local art contests. So innately Rodney knew his career path would lead him into Art and Design.
Believing that the approach to good design is innovation, creativity, and following strong design concepts, he is passionate about creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
He is committed to creating a unique and personalized experience for each client.
Rodney and his husband, Associate Designer and Co-Founder, Luis Arroyo, founded Structure with the passion and drive to provide innovative, quality interior design solutions that positively affect a person’s well-being.
Rodney and Luis have two sets of eyes with one vision. “All we want is our clients happiness, a space that simply makes them feel spectacular!” 

Associate Designer

Director of Operations and Co-founder of Structure

Luis acquired a strong knowledge in medical building settings and commercial management throughout his career. He works very closely with Investors, Developers and Architects to achieve their goals and maintain budgets. Luis has also worked very closely with Interior Designers and has achieved a professionally trained aesthetic. Strong knowledge in commercial and residential staging, construction, and remodeling. Luis brings with him over a decade of experience in commercial design and management from small scale renovations to large scale constructions. Luis is certified in Interior Design thru the New York Institute of Art and Design and holds an active Real Estate License in Florida. Luis’s passion for design was sparked by his mother’s creativity in designing and creating apparel fashion for her children. Luis also finds creativity in culinary arts. He loves to cook and plate each meal like a work of art.

Luis Arroyo

Lisabeth Ramos Sanchez

Design Assistant

Alex Merlo Munoz

Carpentry Artisan

Jordan Savinon

General Contractor

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